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Mesa Verde Middle School takes fourth place in 2017 Regional Science Olympiad

Feb 4, 2017 - The Mesa Verde Science Olympiad team came fourth at the Regional Science Olympiad competition held at Carlsbad High school on Saturday, February 4th.   MVMS has qualified to go on to the State competition in April. 

There were 117 teams from 35 middle schools competing for top spots. Of the 90 students on our competitive team, 51 placed in the top 20 and won an award, 13 made it to the top five, and two placed first. There were 24 students from 8th grade, 31 students from 7th grade, and 35 students from 6th grade on the team.  This accomplishment represents hours of practice outside of school time, and the diligent support of the coaches and parents who have been helping the team prepare with weekly meetings, since September. 

Congratulations to all the students for their hard work and excellent performance. We cannot express enough gratitude to the parents, coaches, volunteers, and sponsors who helped to make this happen. 

The MVMS top finishers included:

Anatomy & Physiology:

8th - Skandhaa S. and Michael W.

20th - Ashley M. and Kyle N.

Bottle Rockets:

2nd - Saavan G. and Deepali Y.

3rd - Melody C. and Skandhaa S.

5th - Liliahana G. and Chhaya M.

7th - Catherine F. and Priyanshu V.

9th - Sarah S. and Daniel D.

Crime Busters:

4th - Tanisha P. and Charles Z.

15th - John H. and Ananya N.

Disease Detectives:

5th - Sneha J. and Gary L.

Dynamic Planet:

5th - Ayush N. and Charles Z.

13th - Gary L. and Darren Z.


8th - Ethan L. and Jocelyn M.

Experimental Design:

7th- Sattwik C, Rishika G. and Caroline S.

20th - Ashley M, Ayush N. and Swasti S.

Fast Facts:

1st - Gary L. and Justin W.

5th - Olivia C. and Richard L.

9th - Kyle N. and Zoe X.

Food Science:

14th - Melody C. and Sneha J.

19th - Kyle W. and Tiffany W.


2nd - Lucas W. and Tiffany W.

4th - Sparsh M. and Ethan X.

6th - Niklaas E. and Skandhaa S.

19th - Alan B. and Priyanshu V.

Invasive Species:

18th - Morgan F. and Pooneh Z.


2nd - Sattwik C. and James N

15th - Sazen S. and Edmund S.

Microbe Mission:

3rd - Allyson D. and Richard L.

9th - Ethan L. and Pooneh Z.

15th - Michael W. and Darren Z.

Mission Possible:

7th - Niklaas E. and Caroline S.

12th - Charles P. and Karen S.

20th - Bryson L. and Deepali Y.


15th - Vania M. and Charles Z.

Reach for the Stars:

9th - (tie) - Prashasth K. and Michael W.

9th - James F. and Ayush N.

9th - Allyson D. and Richard L.

16th - Tyler B. and Tiffany S.

Road Scholar:

1st - Gary L. and Aakarsh V.

Rocks and Minerals:

6th - Sneha J. and Aakarsh V.

10th - Sparsh M. and Miranda W.

16th - Catherine F. and Vishnu S.


12th - Angeline A. and James F.

19th - Daniel D. and Charles P.

Wind Power:

3rd - John H. and Dave M.

5th - Suvali S. and Yuanping W.

7th - James N. and Aakarsh V.

11th - Saavan G. and Bennett W.

Write it, Do it:

16th - Morgan F. and Divya J.

Rule Changes & Clarifications

You can request for a rules clarification and see the current rules clarifications from the links below.  Please check back frequently for updates. Note: We are in Division B (Middle School).

San Diego Regional Request for Rules Clarification

San Diego Regional Division B Event Clarifications and Rule Changes

Southern California State Event Clarifications & Rule Changes

2016-2017 Events*

Anatomy (Nervous System, Sense Organs, Endocrine System)

Bottle Rockets

Crime Busters

Disease Detectives (Food Borne Illness)

Dynamic Planet (Plate Tectonics)

Ecology (North American Biomes)

Experimental Design

Fast Facts

Food Science (Food Grains)


Invasive Species

Meteorology (Severe Storms)

Microbe Mission

Mission Possible


Reach for the Stars

Road Scholar

Rocks and Minerals



Wind Power

Wright Stuff

Write it/Do it

*New Events in Bold.  

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Mesa Verde Middle School Finishes Third in 2016 Southern California Science Olympiad Competition

Apr 2, 2016 - The Science Olympiad team from Mesa Verde Middle School finished third at the Southern California State Competition held at the California Institute of Technology (“Cal Tech”) on April 2, 2016. Mesa Verde had the highest finish of any team from San Diego and trailed only perennial state champion Muscatel from Los Angeles and Orange County winner Kraemer. The field consisted of 30 middle school science teams from the Southern California region, which encompasses Los Angeles, Orange County, the Inland Empire, and San Diego. Mesa Verde earned the trip to the state competition by finishing third at the San Diego regional competition on February 6. The top eight teams at the San Diego region qualified for the state competition. Now in its 32 nd year, Science Olympiad is one of the premier science competitions in the United States. Over 7,000 teams from all 50 states compete each year at the middle school (Division B) and high school (Division C) levels. Students compete in 23 different events covering the three broad areas of Science Concepts and Knowledge, Science Processes and Inquiry Skills, and Science Application and Technology. Some events are knowledge-based and involve studying and testing, others are hands-on events usually involving laboratory-type skills, and still others are engineering-based and involve creating devices to accomplish specific tasks.

Members of the Mesa Verde team were Anushree Chaudhuri, Sauhaarda Chowdhuri, Rishika Garg, Mark Gin, Anushka Gupta, Katherine Han, Brandon Ho, Robert Lee, Yash Melkani, James Ni, Noah Shaw, Andrea Wang, Michael Wu, Annie Zheng, and Helen Zhu. The team earned 14 medals (which go to the top six teams in each event) in the 23 events contested:

Air Trajectory (1 st Place) – Noah Shaw, Michael Wu

Crave the Wave (1 st Place) - Sauhaarda Chowdhuri, Anushka Gupta

Road Scholars (1 st Place) – Mark Gin, Noah Shaw

Scrambler (2 nd Place) - Sauhaarda Chowdhuri, Yash Melkani

Bottle Rocket (4 th Place) – Brandon Ho, Noah Shaw

Picture This (4 th Place) – Katherine Han, Helen Zhu

Wind Power (4 th Place) – Anushka Gupta, Yash Melkani

Bio-Process Lab (5 th Place) – Anushree Chaudhuri, James Ni

Bridge Building (5 th Place) – Yash Melkani, Noah Shaw

Crime Busters (5 th Place) – Rishika Garg, Helen Zhu

Elastic Launched Gliders (5 th Place) – Mark Gin, Robert Lee

Experimental Design (5 th Place) – Katherine Han, Brandon Ho, Andrea Wang

Reach for the Stars (5 th Place) - Sauhaarda Chowdhuri, Robert Lee

Anatomy and Physiology (6 th Place) – James Ni, Michael Wu

Mesa Verde Middle School takes thirds place in 2016 Regional Science Olympiad

Feb 6, 2016 - The MVMS Science Olympiad team took Third Place at the regional Science Olympiad competition held at Carlsbad High school on Saturday, February 6th.  There were 113 teams from 34 middle schools competing for top spots. Of the 90 students on our competitive team, 67 (74%) had at least one finish in the top 20 and won an award.  Thirty-three students placed in the top ten and 15 placed in the top five out of the 113 teams.  There were 35 8th graders, 23 7th graders, and 32 6th graders on the team.  This accomplishment represents hours of practice, outside of school time, and the diligent support of the coaches and parents who have been helping the team prepare, with weekly meetings, since September.  Congratulations to all the students for their hard work and excellent performance and  and a big thank you to Michelle Q, Alex Y and Aryan D who attended the entire day to support the team and be on standby for backup.  We cannot express enough gratitude to the parents, coaches, volunteers, and sponsors who helped to make this happen. MVMS will go on to the State competition in April.  

The MVMS top finishers included:

Air trajectory

1st Noah S and Jeffrey L

6th Tanisha P and Kyle W

18th David H and Rohin Ai

Anatomy & physiology

10th Michael W and James N

Bio process Lab

1st place James N and John H

8th place Anushree C and Annie Z

20th Ananya N and Allyson D

Bottle rockets

2nd Ethan O and Navid G

6th Lili G and Ananya N

7th Tiffany S and Angela M

14th Niklas E and Dave M

Bridge Building

2nd Noah S and Yash M

10th Francis F and Maurya C

12th Danqi Z and Michael W

Crave the wave

4th Sauhaarda C and Anushka G

7th David H and George W

11th Derrick S and Aakarsh V

Crime busters

9th Helen Z and Rishika G

12th Anusha G and Caroline S

15th Sattwik C and Ermina A

Disease Detectives

3rd Anushree C and Yash M

11th Mari Lú C and Gary L

Dynamic Planet

13th Annie Z and Mark G

Experimental design

18th Sauhaarda C, Brandon H, Steven Z

Food science

7th Katherine H and Rishika G

8th Brandon H and Andrea W

18th Tiffany W and Sneha J


9th Rishika G and John H

16th Amin S and Karen T

Green Generation

4th Tyler B and Skandhaa S

7th Eshika M and Philip C

14th Steven Z and Andrea W

Invasive species

16th Steven Z and Anushree C

20th Pooneh Z and Zainab S

Launched Gliders

17th Robert L and John H

20th Eshika M and Philip C


3rd James N and Danqi Z

4th Annie Z and Ethan O

7th Prashasth K and William Z

Mission Possible

8th Niklas E and Karen T

9th Robert L and Rishika G

11th Ethan Z and Lucas W

17th Brandon H and Caroline S

Picture This

3rd Helen Z and Katherine H

6th Brandon H and Caroline S

13th Morgan F and Alex H

18th Andrew Z and Angela M

Reach for the stars

14th Sauhaarda C and Ethan O

17th George W and Robert L

Rhodes scholar

2nd Mark G and Noah S

4th Shatwick C and AAkarsh V

5th Gary L and Michael W

20th Alvin Y and Eric Y


5th George W and Melody C

6th James F and Ryan F

11th Sauhaarda Ci and Yash M

17th Tyler B and Justin W

20th Alvin Y and Victor K

Wind power

8th William Z and Aakarsh V

11th Ethan Z and Alex H

17th David H and Divya J

Write It, Do It

5th (Tie) Helen Z and Katherine H